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Dublin, 20 February, 2018 – Oliver Rajic, CEO of Alpha Fintech, has been named Most Influential Payments Professional at the World Payments Congress event in Mumbai, India last week. The World Payments Congress recognizes participants in the fintech industry who are driving progress through innovative solutions and practices.

Oliver Rajic is a fintech disruptor with a strong belief in challenging the status quo and fostering innovation, agility and connectivity in fintech. Founding Alpha Fintech in 2012, Oliver aimed to build a standardized global fintech infrastructure removing the barriers that stand between participants, and greatly increasing overall fintech productivity.

Oliver Rajic, CEO of Alpha Fintech commented, “Marrying new fintechs into a banks main legacy transaction flow can sometimes feel like an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. Ignoring this Fintech evolution is impossible, as it is impacting banks more with each passing month. However, adoption lags well behind and doesn’t extend more than beyond accelerator stages, of which most are leveraged to merely pantomime innovation.”

Oliver received praise from the judges for his leadership, influence and extensive contribution to the industry.

“Receiving such a citation is a testament to the work that Alpha has been doing to fuse innovations while respecting and managing existing bank processes, procedures and risk concerns. This award is a motivator to continue fighting the good fight,” Oliver added.

Alpha Fintech is connecting the fintech industry through the world’s first fintech vendor management platform. The AlphaHub enables access to all payment, risk and digital commerce vendors with a single dynamic API and UI. The AlphaHub fosters innovation by exposing fintech vendors, banks, MSPs and merchants within a single marketplace.

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