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At Alpha Payments Cloud, we’re bound by a common philosophy of challenging the status quo and asking “Why?” It begins at the top. Our team bring with them unparalleled experience from some of the biggest names in the payments world – experience of how things are done today and the knowledge of how things should be done tomorrow. We will be exhibiting at Money 20/20 from the 2nd to the 5th of November, 2014, booth 528 in the Bristlecone Ballroom – meet the team:

Oliver Rajic, CEO

I enjoyed attending University of Southern California and receiving my MBA at Kellogg, primarily because it was an environment that fostered within us a belief in challenging conventional thinking and the status quo. Having spent time working for two global firms, Ibbotson and First Data, I further cultivated this belief of asking the most critical of questions, namely why?

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Sandra Green, Head of Sales, EMEA

Over the past 12 years I’ve worked with a variety of large corporations such as Equifax and Experian in the Identity and Fraud space. I have built and managed sales teams internationally and I’ve helped hundreds of companies manage risk and greatly improve their performance. Much has changed over that time: solutions have moved from ‘on-site’ to ‘cloud’ based, but many aspects of the industry continue to remain the same. Suppliers and customers alike are still challenged by many of the old IT constraints. IT is still considered and treated as a constraint rather than an asset, and we still accept significant shortcomings in the way things are done.

Matt Williamson, Head of Sales, North America

As an Industrial Design graduate from the University of Technology, Sydney, I earned my degree in glorified problem solving. Take a design brief, research the current solutions that attempt to address said brief and design a way to achieve a better outcome for the identified need/problem. Now overlay this training with 10 years’ experience providing payment and network solutions for merchants, banks and card schemes around the world. The result; I found myself growing increasingly frustrated with the accepted ‘establishment/status quo’ of the payments industry and on a daily basis asking “why?”

Robert Estes, Head of Sales, Risk Solutions

I have worked in the technology industry for over 19 years with everything from large fortune 500 companies to bustling start-ups. I moved into software products about 14 years ago and I have seen the industry change drastically in that time. In the beginning, there were large firms pushing their proprietary solutions and there remained a distinct lack of choice on offer to the companies that had their own business models and didn’t necessarily need a one-size-fits-all solution. What changed within the industry many years ago was the need for businesses to adapt to their customer’s needs, which by now are evolving faster than ever.

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