Global payment processing has never been more challenging, with ballooning integration and maintenance costs.

Alpha Fintech provides the world’s widest-ranging solution portfolio by continuously integrating dozens of third party provider plugins. On top of these plugins you can build bespoke solutions.

Banking Industry Headaches

Lack of the right product mix, a limited resource pool and prohibitive integration costs delay progress and erode competitiveness

lack of product

Lack of product and performance scalability

Legacy systems are not agile, nor highly scalable. The slightest change takes months, and is tied to substantial costs.

mounting it cost

Mounting IT costs

One product does not equal one API. 100’s or even 1000’s of API’s must be connected and maintained, which alone can account for up to 50% of an IT team’s budget.

mounting ops cost

Mounting OPS costs

Once an API connection is established, all disparate interfaces, reporting and billing views must be integrated to behave as one cohesive platform. Not doing so results in significant financial leakage.

Slow client onboarding

Slow client onboarding and product launches

Merchant onboarding involves multiple technological and operational tools. A lack of interoperability between these solutions means onboarding can take weeks.

Inability to monetize data efficiently

Inability to monetize
data efficiently

With dozens of data and reporting views, being able to clearly survey and act on data in a meaningful way is simply not feasible.

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Ross Jackson, BNZ General Manager, Payments and Merchant Services
”Alpha provides us with a cloud-based, scalable merchant solution and their API connectivity to merchant customer solutions around the world means we can move quickly to provide new services for our customers.”

Ross Jackson, BNZ General Manager, Payments and Merchant Services

How Alpha Fintech Can Help

Our payment platform as a service is customized to your requirements , because one size does not fit all

Utilise one interface

We don’t simply unite 100’s of APIs across dozens of third party providers, but fuse them into one interface and reporting view, ensuring unprecedented operational simplicity and efficiency.
Utilise one interface
Free up IT resources and reduce OPEX

Free up IT resources and reduce OPEX

With our Payment Platform as a Service, undifferentiated IT heavy lifting is eliminated. Shift your focus to revenue-driving objectives by building unique products easier.

Launch new products rapidly

If the product provider is part of Alpha’s ecosystem, it takes only minutes to set up. If not, we will integrate them in just weeks, so you never lack a product again.
Launch new products rapidly
Monetize hidden data assets

Monetize hidden data assets

Actively identify and prioritize merchants’ financial risk, collect new risk management insights, and leverage your data from acquiring to cross-selling instant SME lending.

Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) - A Case Study

White Waver Reversed
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