Board merchants in minutes vs weeks

Technological Onboarding

  • Add a Developer center for easy documentation access and an Intelligent API solely exposing the incremental data elements each new product requires
  • Simplify merchants’ accessing you via shopping cart & Airline plugin’s that also provide optimised interchange clearing
  • Attract more gateways empowering them to control the auth flow via switch to issuer (direct to scheme) and Visa & Mastercard TC 33 & S21 file acceptance
Technological Onboarding

Operational Onboarding

  • Automate product selection & pricing across all solutions for rapid solution configuration
  • KYC/AML & Underwriting automated to either enhance yours or enable a new solution process
Operational Onboarding
  • Increase revenue accessing any solution provider across the entire transaction lifecycle. No more RFP’s and rip and replace, simply add products as needed and when needed.

Hosted Fields Pay Page

  • Provide a superior check-out experience via increased transparency, shortened clicks to purchase, flexible Payment & Delivery option design customised directly on the merchants’ page versus a redirect
  • Add new solution layers to increase cart conversion and customer satisfaction, such as Smart Shipping, protecting against 4 of the leading 6 cart abandonments causes.
  • Improve Fraud Protection leveraging and orchestrating across several Providers vs being limited to one.
    Enable merchants to select their fraud provider of preference vs restricting them to what you have.
Leverage Intelligent routing to:
  • Increase authorisation rates (up to 1.3 %)
  • Lower mistakenly blocked buyers (up to 37%)
  • Lower chargebacks (by up to 30%)
  • Uplift revenue via better 3ds (up to 1.7%)
  • Least cost routing
  • Increased customer sat routing away from lagging providers
intelligent routing

Acquiring as a Service

Auth, Clear & Settle like the world’s largest acquirers but at a fraction of the cost & vastly easier. Increase profit & revenue via unique pricing strategies & optimised Interchange.

Acquiring as a Service

Cross-sell SME Lending Seamlessly tying It to your Merchant Acquiring Volume for instant approval and leveraging daily settlement for principal repayment. Simplify cross selling drastically, reduce risk substantially and save time & money operationally.

Cross-sell SME

Future proof yourself against unexpected requirements and eliminate the costs, distractions and resource loss tied to “rip and replace”, new integrations and maintenance thereof. Your wish is our command, resulting in us integrating requested new providers in weeks. Never lack a product again


Shift From Static Reporting to Actionable Intelligence

  • Protect revenue pro-actively identifying lagging providers and preventable
  • Payment Declines and quickly switch to alternatives. Prevent financial leakage with all billing & reporting views reconciled into 1 dashboard.
  • Actively Identify & Prioritise Merchant Financial Risk Increases to protect against millions in exposure.
  • Automate triggers to delay financial settlement as a risk hedge

Book Overview Merchants & PSPs

Risk analysis of merchants with calculated risk over 50k

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Halve Related IT & OPS Costs

Transformational Savings
  • Increase revenue via the world’s vastest integrated merchant service functionality pool
  • Stand out via unmatched design flexibility
  • Future proof yourself against unexpected requirements
  • Realise transformational savings
  • Secure yourself via a best-in-class scalable, secure and stable platform

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