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Obtaining a full digital banking license in Singapore, Grab faced challenges common to many online payment providers wanting to make the next leap into acquiring:

  • Attaining a data rich and highly configurable merchant management system covering the entire transaction lifecycle
  • Minimising operational costs and financial leakage while marginalising the complexity and resource intensiveness that is usually tied to large-scale payment architecture
  • Up- and cross-selling value-adding products tied to the payment transaction easily


Alpha Fintech partnered with Grab to deliver an advanced PPaaS merchant acquiring solution. This was done by uniting solution providers across the entire payment life cycle within one interface. The results include simplified merchant onboarding, lower technological and operational costs, new tools to increase authorisation rates, and greater monetisation of assets through uncovered data.

Want to see exactly how Grab takes advantage of Payment Platform as a Service to expand their dominance in Asia?

Client’s Profile

Grab logo

Country: Headquarters in Singapore, offices all over South-East Asia

Industry: E-commerce, Transportation, Food delivery, Insurance

Established in 2012, Grab exploded to become South-East Asia’s first startup with a valuation of over US $10 billion. Initially a ride-hailing company, Grab has branched out to include food and parcel delivery, insurance, and payment services across 9 different countries.

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