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Alpha Payments Cloud, connecting acquirers, merchants and product providers on one platform through the AlphaHub, is offering all gateways and acquirers a 25% net revenue referral fee for the first year for approved merchants exceeding USD $10 million in annual Japanese payment processing volume. Qualified merchants, who are approved by Alpha Payments Cloud, meanwhile may enjoy “at cost” processing for 3 months to see for themselves how significant the financial savings can be.

Alpha Payments Cloud not only has access to domestic interchange rates, but also Japan’s highly exclusive in-country network, which provides access to even lower rates than published. Additionally, Alpha Payments Cloud are adding Japanese alternate payment types to truly round out a complete solution for merchants seeking Japanese payment processing and to build on its single integration for all of your needs, one-stop-shop philosophy.

Japanese Payment Gateways and Acquirers

”Many merchants who mistakenly have their Japanese transactions processed outside of Japan are paying a significant premium in doing as they are simply not aware of just how massive the cost difference can be in many scenario’s.” commented Oliver Rajic, Alpha Payments Cloud CEO. “While it is penny wise to negotiate lower processing fees with their acquirers, it is pound foolish to work with a vendor who does not have access to domestic rates globally. The cost difference can exceed 1%, which is unjustifiably and shockingly high. We are providing these incentives as a means to educate the market on a better solution approach for all involved”

The Japanese eCommerce market is worth about 11.5 Trillion JPY and the business to consumer eCommerce market is growing faster than the number of Internet users. Future revenue increases in Japanese eCommerce are predicted to be a result of higher average spending versus a growing number of online shoppers. Roughly 75% of Japan’s population shops online and there are 102 million Internet users in Japan providing a significant opportunity, if managed appropriately.

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