As your business grows, so do your requirements and operational complexity.

Alpha Fintech simplifies global payment processing with one master third party product interface, allowing you to halve operating costs and reconcile all disparate reporting views and interfaces for unparalleled efficiency and value.

Retail Industry Headaches

Increasing authorization rates and lowering cart abandonment requires an ever growing number of solutions to access and orchestrate across

Unnecessary customer loss

Slow client onboarding and product launches

Merchant onboarding involves multiple technological and operational tools. A lack of interoperability between these solutions means onboarding can take weeks.

Slow client onboarding

Slow new product launches

Time is money – integrating and deploying a new product provider can take months, which means money is needlessly wasted.

Multiple reporting and billing views

Multiple reporting and billing views

For each new product that is enabled, a new dashboard, billing and reporting view needs to be managed, which becomes hard to navigate and causes a lack of cohesive visibility across all processes.

Inability to monetize data efficiently

Inefficient use of IT resourcing

Up to 50% of an IT department’s budget can be lost to connecting to and maintaining API integrations. This undifferentiated heavy lifting means resources aren’t deployed as productively as they could be.

Find out just how much your business can benefit from our PPaaS.

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Jorge Sorial, Global Head of Partnerships, Amadeus Payments
"Amadeus are delighted to work with Alpha Fintech over the last five years as their flexibility and speed have allowed us to support our clients in new markets efficiently."

Jorge Sorial, Global Head of Partnerships, Amadeus Payments

How Alpha Fintech Can Help

Our mission is to rid you of this “dirty work” and enhance your capabilities, eliminating payment integration costs and resource wastage

No dependence on any one provider

With Alpha Fintech’s orchestration, you can easily set rules to enhance functions that one provider lacks, or replace the same function with a cheaper alternative.
Utilise one interface
One billing and reporting view

One billing and reporting view

All billing and reporting views are reconciled to give you full visibility across products, the ability to generate monetizable data, and spot and remedy financial leakage.

Optimized IT resourcing

Alpha Fintech fuses 1000’s of product provider APIs into one dynamic API and abstraction layer, saving retailers millions in IT resourcing and making maintenance easy.
Launch new products rapidly
Rapid product integration and on-boarding

Rapid product integration and on-boarding

New products can be integrated quickly into our global payment processing solution, meaning more opportunities to cross- and up-sell.

Grab - South-East Asian Powerhouse Combines with Alpha Fintech - A Case Study

White Waver Reversed
Supercharge your business with quick payment integration, smart routing, and reduced costs.

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