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Emailage , the leading global fraud prevention company that leverages an email address to assess transactional risk, and Alpha Payments Cloud , a platform that consolidates payment types and solution providers globally, have announced a partnership that integrates Emailage’s technology into Alpha Payment Cloud’s AlphaHub product. As a result of this partnership, international banks and merchants connected through the AlphaHub can benefit from Emailage’s ability to detect risky transactions by analyzing the email address provided. By monitoring fraud trends across multiple use cases and the entire landscape of industries and regions, Emailage uses multiple technologies including machine learning to proactively detect which emails are associated with certain patterns, even if the email address has never been identified as fraudulent before. Using this advanced patent pending technology, Emailage saved customers $150 million in confirmed fraud in 2014 alone. Additionally, Emailage is able to identify trustworthy emails based on positive historical data, allowing Alpha Payment Cloud’s customers to expedite those orders. Emailage provides a faster approval rate for 60 percent of customers’ transactions, which increases satisfaction and provides a frictionless buying experience.

The partnership offers Alpha Payment Cloud customers a best of breed solution, combining a hub of world-class transaction and commerce providers with Emailage’s intelligent risk assessment. Existing Alpha Payment Cloud customers will have instant access to Emailage’s solution by flipping on the functionality in the AlphaHub product. New customers onboarding can set up payment processors, shopping carts, other transactional products, and Emailage in one integration saving time, money and resources.

“We are excited about our partnership with Alpha Payments Cloud. With Emailage folded into AlphaHub’s omnichannel solution, merchants and financial institutions can immediately have access to our technology,”   said Rei Carvalho, CEO of Emailage. “We are the ones who introduced the email dimension to the fraud mitigation industry and already have a great portfolio of clients globally and a vast consortium of critical data. Adding Alpha Payment Cloud customers further strengthens our solution.”

Alpha Payments Cloud is evolving the payments industry by consolidating the entire payments, risk and transaction world onto one omni-channel solution platform, the AlphaHub. The depth and range of connected service providers and solutions span across the entire transactional, risk management and commerce solution spectrum, with over 100 third-party solutions and a suite of white-labeled products currently available. The list of available solutions include gateways, alternative payments, FX solutions, eWallets, processors, fraud screening, chargeback management, tokenization, shopping carts, sales tax management among a host of others, with services spanning over 60 countries worldwide.

“Email is such an ubiquitous element of identity on the Internet, but it is only with solutions like Emailage that such a key element can be relied upon as an indicator of the risk of customer not present transactions.” commented Rónán Gallagher, Chief Product Officer for Alpha Payments Cloud. “We see tremendous value in offering the Emailage solution to our partners and their merchants on the AlphaHub and look forward to helping reduce fraud on the internet through the use of Emailage and the other partner solutions we have integrated.”

For additional information about Emailage, visit . To request a demo of the Alpha Payments Cloud AlphaHub, visit .

About Emailage
Emailage is a fraud prevention company that leverages the only truly global identity, email address, to determine the risk of a transaction. Filling a critical void in the fraud prevention industry, Emailage delivers an intelligent risk score that is derived from reputation far beyond a black list or simple validation check.  With 90% of confirmed fraudulent transactions discovered by Emailage not previously having a loss reported for the email, it truly is a proactive approach to fraud strategy. By using proprietary algorithms and a global syndicated hub of data, Emailage is able to stop fraudsters in real time. Emailage’s API and other integration options are easy to implement and do not require the use of sensitive customer data.   Emailage is headquartered in the greater Phoenix area, with additional offices in the U.K. and Brazil.

About Alpha Payments Cloud
Alpha Payments Cloud has evolved the world of eCommerce by consolidating the payments world onto one platform that enables Banks, Merchants, MSPs and ISOs to access any payment type, any solution provider, anywhere in the World. This was achieved by creating the AlphaHub, an entirely new solution category that simplifies and connects the global payments and transaction industry, acting as a neutral and central eco-system.   Through the AlphaHub, all parties in the value-chain (Banks, Merchants, Product Providers) enable instant access to each other via one Omni-Commerce platform. This means that through a single integration to Alpha Payments Cloud, you will never need to make another payments or eCommerce product integration again.

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