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Not willing to rest on its reputation, ALTO is staying at the forefront of financial innovation, offering cross-border remittance, real-time & QR payments, and open banking services. With the rapid digitalization of payments, there are a few problems that arise:

  • The need to continuously integrate and customize new products for a growing consumer base results in IT time spent maintaining, rather than innovating.
  • 100’s of different APIs and numerous interfaces result in confusion, operational bottlenecks, and a lack of visibility.
  • The old “rip and replace” model is not financially efficient, resulting in only incremental gains.


As ALTO’s CEO, Armand Widjaja has to say: Within this fragmented marketplace of vendors, the real opportunity lies in consolidation.

Alpha Fintech’s Acquiring-as-a-Service solution, ALTO can provide its clients with a flexible Azure cloud-based platform that brings better customer onboarding, increased revenue, easy cross-selling, and much more.

Want to see exactly how ALTO are capturing a greater slice of the Indonesian market with Alpha Fintech’s Acquiring-as-a-Service solution?

Client’s Profile

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Country: Indonesia

Industry: Banking / Digital payment services

With 27 years of experience, ALTO is the current switching transaction leader in Indonesia, providing comprehensive B2B financial solutions across the country.

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