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Alpha Payments Cloud valuation now stands at USD $100 million.

Dublin, Ireland, June 16, 2016 – Alpha Payments Cloud, a global leader in providing access to payment, risk and commerce solutions to international banks and merchants, today announced it was selected by Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC) for investment through its Startup Accelerator program. During the next six-months through the Startup Accelerator program, Wells Fargo will collaborate with Alpha Payments Cloud on its global payments network technologies for merchants.

The Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator, a non-exclusive, six-month, semi-annual program for early-stage companies, is dedicated to exploring new and emerging technologies that could provide value to Wells Fargo and its customers. Regularly collaborating with startups on a wide range of technologies helps Wells Fargo explore big ideas with innovators outside its walls and industry, and shape future customer experience.

“We are pleased to be selected for the Wells Fargo’s Startup Accelerator program,” said Oliver Rajic, CEO at Alpha Payments Cloud. “It supports the Alpha Payments Cloud value proposition to the financial services industry to make an increasingly complex payments ecosystem simpler. Alpha Payments Cloud’s proprietary orchestration engine, coupled with our AlphaHub’s vendor depth, empowers users to call upon unique functions across many vendors. We provide the connections to all solution vendors, merchants and banks by acting as a middle layer where everyone has access to each other. This guarantees users more functionality and creative freedom than the old way ever could.”

“We’re excited to be investing in Alpha Payments Cloud through our Startup Accelerator and have it be part our investment portfolio,” said Steve Ellis, head of Wells Fargo’s Innovation Group. “It represents precisely the technology innovation in international payments we want to explore for our merchant customers.”

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