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Dublin, Ireland and Waltham, Mass, 31 March2014 – Alpha Payments Cloud, (APC) are proud to announce the introduction of MaxMind’s minFraud product to the APC Product Hub. MaxMind is an industry-leading provider of IP intelligence and online fraud detection tools, offering fraud risk-scoring based on many factors, including IP, email, and device reputations derived from MaxMind’s network of over 7,000 online businesses.

Through partnering with Alpha Payments Cloud, minFraud will be available to merchants and acquirers via the APC Product Hub to clients across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Jennifer Sessler, Business Development Manager at MaxMind commented: “The issue of online fraud remains one of the biggest threats to merchants and acquirers as they look to expand their business. By identifying fraudulent orders, MaxMind has helped thousands of companies cut down on fraud-related financial losses. Working with Alpha Payments Cloud allows us to further extend the reach of our minFraud product internationally to all APC clients, adding to the 50 million online transactions we screen monthly.”

Rónán Gallagher, Head of Product at Alpha Payments Cloud added, “With global online trade expected to hit $1.4 trillion by 2015, it is increasingly important for merchants and acquirers to be supported with the most technologically cohesive and up-to-date products. One of the benefits of our unique Product Hub solution is that it can equip domestic acquirers with access to the tools and services they need to support their merchants as they move internationally, by connecting them with best-in-class solutions relevant to each market. With the integration of MaxMind’s minFraud service into our cloud-based solution, our clients have direct access to a leading fraud prevention suite, which can effectively underpin their expansion into new markets safely, while reducing the risk of fraud.”

About Alpha Payments Cloud

Alpha Payments Cloud, through the APC Product Hub, has created a unique payments ecosystem that connects acquirers, merchants, and product providers onto one single platform. By creating a payment product exchange in the Product Hub and eliminating the need for all members in the value chain to ever undertake another integration again, Alpha Payments Cloud offers instant and seamless access to every aspect of the payments world.

APC has received nominations in the Smart Asia Awards 2014 in the categories of “Best Fraud Initiative” and “e-Commerce Leader of the Year.”

About MaxMind

Founded in 2002, MaxMind is an industry-leading provider of IP intelligence and online fraud detection tools. Thousands of companies of all sizes rely on MaxMind’s GeoIP data for the purposes of delivering relevant content and ads, performing analytics, enforcing digital rights, efficiently routing Internet traffic, and more. MaxMind’s minFraud service leverages GeoIP data along with IP, email, and device reputations to help its network of 7,000 online businesses prevent fraudulent online transactions and account registrations.


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