Alpha Payments Cloud Expands Presence Into Australia

Posted: July 6, 2016
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Alpha Payments Cloud (APC), a global leader in providing international banks and merchants with access to payment, risk and commerce vendors, in the past week has further expanded its presence in the Asia-Pacific region, with the addition of Timmy Alassad as Head of Business for Australia.

As Head of Business for Australia, Timmy will support APC’s global team in growing relationships with customers and partners in Oceania, and growing the company’s market presence and customer base in the region.

Timmy is a passionate payment futurist and has a deep knowledge of digital space. We at Alpha Payments Cloud welcome Timmy to the growing APC team.

Timmy Alassad

Timmy Alassad, Head of Business, Australia

Further to APC’s existing Singapore based headquarters and Malaysian presence in the Asia-Pacific region, this latest expansion of the global team is a strong testement to the growth of the AlphaHub middleware Payments-as-a-Service platform in the past year.

The AlphaHub is a cloud-based Payments as a Service platform comprised of multiple server locations in the United States, Asia and Europe, with server development in Oceania currently in progress.

The addition of new vendors and solutions for Banks and Merchants is a costly and time consuming process. They can also serve to negatively disrupt existing legacy structures, leading to the creation of convoluted and fragile architecture that can become increasingly precarious and expensive to maintain. By acting as a middleware layer between provider and customer, Alpha Payments Cloud can seamlessly introduce new services without impacting on the existing structures of a bank or merchant.

The AlphaHub’s dynamic API is a single access point to all integrated vendors and solutions. The platform is designed to be easily integrated to customer business systems, supporting multiple technologies and languages.