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Dublin, Ireland, May 21, 2014 – Alpha Payments Cloud, connecting acquirers, merchants, and product providers on one platform through the APC Product Hub, are pleased to announce the integration of inpay, who specialize in online payments to merchants through customer’s online banking accounts. Now, banks and merchants connected through the Alpha Payments Cloud Product Hub can offer inpay’s alternative risk-free payment methods to their customers.

By offering non-card based instant payments globally, inpay is a formidable and unique online payment option that will be offered to banks and merchants connected via the Alpha Payments Cloud Product Hub. inpayworks in the customer’s local currency and offers local language support in more than 50 countries worldwide. With inpay, bank transfers are registered instantly, greatly reducing risk and allowing for secure sales to online customers, even those from traditionally high-risk regions. With increased fraud and significant chargeback risk to merchants accepting card payments, bank transfer payments are a very attractive alternative.

“By integrating inpay to the APC Product Hub, we can offer to our banks and merchants a risk-free, alternative payment option with seamless currency conversion, making cross-border payments as fast, cost effective and secure as a local bank transfer” commented Rónán Gallagher, Head of Product for Alpha Payments Cloud. “By allowing shoppers globally to pay using their local online bank, our banks and merchants have access to an extra option when selling to customers that are otherwise unable to pay today.”

About Alpha Payments Cloud

APC is a payments ecosystem/product hub that connects acquirers, merchants, and product providers onto one single platform across 30 different payments related categories. By creating a payment product exchange in our Product Hub and eliminating the need for all members in the value chain to ever undertake another integration again, we offer instant and seamless access to all aspects of the payments world.

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