Payments as a Service

Accelerate business outcomes via the world’s vastest payment solution ecosystem.

Board merchants faster, launch product easier and unlock your data assets all while freeing your IT & OPS resources.

Increase Your Solution Design Capabilities

What many think it takes

Just connect to the provider’s API ––

What Alpha enables

  • New revenue accessing virtually any payment product
  • –– Cost savings by least cost routing across all providers
  • ––– Ops savings with dozens of reports and UI’s fused to 1
  • –––– IT & Compliance savings, now Alpha’s responsibility
  • ––––– Financial leakage savings unlocking your data assets

Generate More Revenue & Free Your Valuable IT & OPS Resources

Increase Revenue
Payments & Parcels
Innovate via Intelligent Routing
Merchant Acquiring 2.0
Not Data but Actionable Intelligence
Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

  • Boost revenue with over 100 payments, risk and shipping solutions
  • Increase conversion rates via our authorization multiplier engine
  • Attract global buyers by localizing easily with no coding needed
  • Innovate by unlocking your data assets and foster data driven outcomes
Payments & Parcels

Payments & Parcels

  • Grow Revenue enabling smart shipping to increase cart conversion
  • Increase customer satisfaction with real-time tracking & returns simplified
  • Save money least cost routing across all carriers or by warehouse proximity
  • Minimize resource wastage via instant label printing & rate design tables
  • Drive revenue via unique promotional pricing logic
Smart Shipping to Grow Revenue Smart Shipping to Grow Revenue
Innovate via Intelligent Routing

Innovate via Intelligent Routing

  • Save money by least cost routing across all providers
  • Increase output deploying best-in-class features across multiple providers
  • Protect revenue switching away from lagging providers
  • No more coding needed, simple one click “ When-then-else” logic
  • Why limit yourself to one provider when you can leverage all?
Intelligent Routingsmart routing
Merchant Acquiring 2.0

Merchant Acquiring 2.0

  • Increase annual revenue boarding merchants in minutes vs weeks
  • Increase FUM via smart settlement logic ( f.e. rolling reserves)
  • Attract PSPs automating sub-merchant funding & new MID creation
  • Drive profitability via flexible pricing designs (IC++) and interchange optimization
  • Appeal to retailers via superior and consolidated digital reporting
  • Eliminate tech debt & compliance costs leveraging SaaS based Acquiring
New Merchant Acquiring Profitability Drivers New Merchant Acquiring Profitability Drivers New Merchant Acquiring Profitability Drivers New Merchant Acquiring Profitability Drivers
Not Data but Actionable Intelligence

Unlock Actionable Intelligence

  • Prevent financial leakage with 1 consolidated billing view across all products
  • Protect against Pre Payment Exposure via daily monitoring
  • Avoid financial leakage via dynamic portfolio profitability analysis
  • Increase revenue acting on lagging providers & interchange downgrades
  • Cross-sell other banking products (SME Loans) instantly
BI view Insight Insight

How can Alpha help you?


  • Attack up to 65% of shopping cart abandonment culprits
  • Increase cart conversion with smart shipping
  • Save money least cost routing across providers
  • Shrink IT & operational complexities and costs


  • Board merchants in minutes vs weeks
  • Sell new products easier and faster
  • Erase Compliance, IT  & Operational costs
  • Capitalize on your hidden data assets


  • Expose your product to Alpha’s community of buyers
  • No more IT integration queues
  • Sell easier and earn revenue faster

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