How Our Partners Benefit From Alpha’s Payment Platform as a Service

How Alpha Saves You

Struggling with the operational havoc caused by a multitude of disparate third-party providers? Are slow new product integrations continuously leaving you one product short while occupying valuable resources? Alpha Fintech’s Payment Platform as a Service introduces unmatched operational efficiency and design flexibility to payment processing and merchant management. Never lack a product again and eliminate costs tied to balancing several disparate third-party providers.

Product Dev & OPS Bliss

Customise with and orchestrate across the world’s vastest solution ecosystem. Operationally simplify the management of all providers via one master interface.
Product dev
IT Untangled

IT Untangled

  • Eliminate point-to-point integrations and their perpetual maintenance by unifying 1000’s of API’s into 1 Super API.
  • No more “rip & replace” disruptions, resource loss & costs. Add new provider features easily & incrementally.

OPEX Halved

Free your resources & project queue via Alpha’s Microsoft Azure stack for Scalability, Stability & Security.

Uncover your potential savings!

OPEX Halved

Our Benefits

More Products and Data Centralization = Greater Returns

Merchant Acquirers

  • Increase revenue by upselling more products easily - never lack a product again
  • On-board new customers up to 80% quicker
  • Halve IT and operational expenses
  • Prevent up to 5% EBITDA leakage through a single reconciled billing and reporting view


  • Free your IT department from integrating and maintaining 100’s of APIs
  • Increase authorisation rates through orchestrating across a variety of providers
  • Decrease shopping cart abandonment by attacking the main culprits
  • Optimise across an ecosystem of interchangeable solution providers
Processed Annually
Daily Transactions

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